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Wow what a hella gay blog;
neluakgyorun whispered:
Concerning Roberta, have you learned Spanish?

I took Spanish for, like, 8 years in school, but I’ve forgotten 95% of it haha I gotta take 3 semesters of Spanish in college for my English degree so I’ll be learning it again :3 I have Mexican in my blood, but you’d never know from looking at me.

I know the pronunciation for most words and such though, so I’m able to pronounce things, just might not understand them. In “Dark Swamp’s” serious finale, Roberta will speak some Spanish, (very crazily, if you couldn’t guess haha)



What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle

im laughing si fucking hard


michael hamm

hot, gay nerd is hot.

"I Want To Hold Your Eggs"

(Inspired by charity stream)

— (nezzy)

Nowacking: Thanks so much to everyone who came to our livestream! If you didn’t, you’ll have no idea what this is, but I CAN ASSURE YOU IT IS FUNNY

Pokemon Livestream

Hey, guys! We’re starting the livestream now and going until midnight EST. Stop on by! justin.tv/1kidsentertainment

For those who don’t know, OneKids and I are raising money for the LA Kitten Rescue and are gonna be playing Pokemon Leaf Green.

So ... do you worship the Dome?

I am a wholesome, Helix praising girl, thank you very much. Mama didn’t raise no Dome worshipper.

vashmav88 whispered:
Hey nowacking I saw that's you worked on queensblade ? Like you legit worked on the show ? That's awesome, and jw how did you end up working with tfs and just I notice a lot of voice actors in the abridged community end up doing projects together in addition to this how does this end up happening ? By the way I loved you when you had your shout out at the youmacon vid and I'm excited to see more of you on a.o.t.a. And your other projects.

Thanks! I had so much fun on that show. I get auditions for anime every once in awhile so that’s how it happened. I have a couple friends who were also voicing in it so it was super cool to be in something with them.

Abridgers end up working together on stuff I guess because we get to know each other and become friends. We learn each others strengths and weaknesses in abridging and then sometimes wanna work with each other on stuff. For example, Jerry and OneKids wanted me to write Pokémon ‘Bridged with them because they liked my previous work and also thought it’d be good to have a female voice actress on the team. (Loooot of girls in Pokémon haha)

Glad you enjoy! I love doing what I do so it’s awesome other people like it, too :3

photosmatttakes whispered:
If you want to go to a con outside the country, I recommend going to MCM or London Film and Comic Con. Both are really great ones to go to.

Don’t have the cash to go to cons outside the US, but if I’m invited to any, I’d definitely consider it :D Perhaps in the future!

nervousbrony whispered:
who is your favorite character in queen's blade?

I haven’t finished Queens Blade yet, but my favorite character in Queens Blade Rebellion is totally Izumi. Love her to death. She would’ve been my favorite even if I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to voice her, so I’m super fortunate things worked out the way they did :)

So queens blade rebellion is being released in Australia in two months, i heard that theres a pretty rad voice actress in it should i get it?

Hells yeeeeeeeeah

xtraveemon whispered:
What are some areas con related you'd like to go to?

I’d love to go to a con in anyplace out of the US really. Not that I don’t like going to US cons, it’s just a treat when I get to leave the country for one :3 Like Australia or France or somewhere would be super cool.

"Wow, it’s a lot different to read about something… than really feel it!"


Kitten Rescue Fundraiser on Sunday April 13th, 2014


A few days ago, LittleKuriboh and his wife Marianne found out that one of their cats, named Spaghetti, was sick due to a birth defect. An expensive surgery that they couldn’t afford would be necessary to save him, and a fundraiser was started to cover that amount. We (1Kids and Nowacking from Elite3/Pokemon ‘Bridged) offered to run a fun livestream this weekend, on Sunday April 13th, if they managed to raise all the funds. They hit their goal in < 2 hours.

Spaghetti has had the surgery now and is in recovery. And we will be doing the livestream as promised. But we wanted to take that opportunity to raise some more money for cats out there who aren’t as fortunate as Spaghetti. So we will be playing a Pokemon game during this stream (which game we’ll choose is to be decided) and raising money for Kitten Rescue in LA.

We will be offering you guys the opportunity to influence or hinder our game experience, such as $50 to name the main character, or $200 to force us to release a Pokemon! We don’t expect to raise much, but anything we can do to help out is better than us raising nothing at all.

More details will be coming and we hope to see some of you guys at the stream. Donations are disabled for now until we get closer to the event.


Donations have now been enabled. Any rewards that can’t be given before the stream have been temporarily removed. However, you can still purchase the ones that will determine what we name our characters when we start. In addition, LittleKuriboh and his wife Marianne have offered up several reward tiers that you might be interested in, so take a look!

The link to the page is above. The livestream will be held here on Sunday, April 13th at noon Eastern time (9 am Pacific, 5 PM in the UK) and will go for at least 12 hours. We will most likely be playing Pokemon LeafGreen.

We hope to see you there!

So when are you going to come down to australia? Little Kuriboh & Team four star all loved it here and i'd make sure that you felt welcome. not that i have any authority... yet.

Haha hey, if I were invited to a con there, I’d totally consider it! Never been to Australia. Maybe in the future, a con will want the Elite3 gang and we’ll get to meet some Australian fans.

Since apparently doing Mirror Nowacking wasn’t enough…



Nowacking: I don’t understand, this is just a picture of me